Hayat E Sahaba

This Application is about Stories of companions of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), and the Life of Sahabas..The Amazing Stories from which we can all learn something. We will keep adding more interesting information to this app soon…
The following Sahaba’s heart-warming stories are included:

1. Hazrat Saeed Bin Amir (R.A)
2. Hazrat Tufail Bin Umar (R.A)
3. Hazrat Abdullah Bin Hazafa Alsami (R.A)
4. Hazrat Umair Bin Whab (R.A)
5. Hazrat Bara Bin Malik Ansari (R.A)
6. Um-ul-Momenen Hazrat Ume Salma (R.A)
7. Hazrat Samama Bin Asal (R.A)
8. Hazear Abu Ayub Ansari (R.A)
9. Hazrat Umro Bin Jmoo (R.A)
10. Hazrat Abdullah Bin Hajsh (R.A)
11. Hazrat Abu Abadat Bin Aljarah (R.A)
12. Hazrat Abdullah Bin Masood (R.A)
13. Hazrat Salman Farsi (R.A)
14. Hazrat Akrama Bin Abi Jhal (R.A)
15. Hazrat Zaid Al Khair (R.A)
16. Hazrat Adi Bin Khatim Altai (R.A)
17. Harzat Abu Zargari (R.A)
18. Hazear Abdullah Bin Ume Maktoob (R.A)

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Shaitan Or Jinnat Sa Hifazat

Here is an amazing application for all Urdu readers. Shaitan/Iblees Sa Interview.. In this application you will be able to read a very interesting interview of Shaitan/Iblees, also how we can save our self from shaitan/iblees, Surah and dua’s and more…

Beautiful Graphics and Easy to read..
Interview of Shaitan/iblees..
How we can save us from shaitan/iblees…
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Mushkilat Ka Ilaj 4 Qul Sa

Mushkilat ka ilaj 4 Qul sa is an Islamic App and it’s for all urdu readers..
This application is an amazing collections of wazaif.

Surah Kafiroon, Surah Ikhlas, Surah Falak & Surah Naas..
Choor Pakarny Ky li Amal.
Shadi Ky Lia Rohani Amal.
Fazail Shareef.
Mout kay ilawa hr cheez ka ilaj.
Puray Quran Ki Talawat Ka Sawab.
Allah ek baras ki ibadat ka sawab da ga.
Fikar o Faka Door Krny Wala Kalam.
Gunnah Maaf Krny Wali Surah.
Andhi Rokny Wali Surah.
Namonia k ilaj k lia Surah..
Nazar Bad Ka Rohani Ilaj.

Make Up Course:Make Up Sekhain

In This Application Make Up Krna Sekhain, You can learn how to make up at home.
Now you can become a professional beautician in no time.
Make up course guide is in your hand any where any time.
In Today’s world any one want to look beautiful and smart & with the help of this Application Make Up Course you can make your self beautiful.

Mood Scanner

Gather all of your friends and let Truth or Dare lead the way. Pass the phone around, and choose between answering a question or doing a challenging dare – it’s fun, lively and totally unrestricted!
Hundreds of original, funny and challenging Truth or Dare’s!

Fast Food Easy Recipes In Urdu

Fast Food Easy Recipes In Urdu is an Application in which you can learn how to make your favorite fast food at home. This Application contain hundreds of recipes for fast food items including Pizza, Burger,Souses, Chatni & Pastas. This application is a handy recipe guide for hundreds of recipes in your pocket at all times. A must download for people who love to make European or American dish’s. Quickly learn how to make everyday fast food items right at home. Best of all this application is completely free to download.

Tarikhi Sachi Kahanian Urdu

Islami tarekh ki haret angaiz or dilchasp kahanian jo aj sa phly shyad ap na na suni hon or na parhi hoon,
Asi dilchasp kahanian kay insan ki aqal dhang rah jay, Insan ki zindagi kay lia sabak amooz waqyat. Parhnay kay lia abhi bilkul muft download krain or apny ilam main azafa krain.

Great Graphics and Fast Performance…
This Application for those who love to read Islamic stories and Very Interesting amazing True Stories…
People can learn lots of things with these stories..
Stories Which You never read before..