Mood Scanner

Mood Scanner + Truth or Dare Game

Mood Scanner

Mood Scanner is an entertaining application which uses your mobile phone and its touch screen to detect your mood. (It’s Fake, Just Fore Fun).

Place your thumb on the mood detector and discover what is your mood today!
Mood Scanner needs few seconds to scan your finger and analyze your result.
Don’t wait and start playing with your friends. Check, who is in a better mood today !!!
Truth or Dare Game

Get to know your friends for real! Always wanted to know about that first kiss of your friend? Or always wondered what a girl thinks of you? Make a sleepover or a party more interesting with Truth or Dare! game for having fun with your friends.

Forget Spin the Bottle and Quarters – because Truth or Dare will take your party to new heights – doing more than just breaking the ice… Get at least three people around the app, and get ready for embarrassing questions and fun challenges!

Gather all of your friends and let Truth or Dare lead the way. Pass the phone around, and choose between answering a question or doing a challenging dare – it’s fun, lively and totally unrestricted!
Hundreds of original, funny and challenging Truth or Dare’s!

For Free Download!

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  1. bestapplock says:

    Thanks for sharing this app..seems worthy trying.
    Just wonder if you also write reviews for tools app? In fact we have a app named ‘AppLock’. (In AppLock we also support Fingerprint feature.) it’s used to lock apps and datas in phone. one of the best download in Playstore.
    any interest please let me know, thank you!


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