Body Building Course & Tips

If you want to get strong body & Muscles then this application is for you guys. We will tell you in this app how you can get good health and fitness?
Body Building Course & Tips Urdu is best app for body building. Use of GYM instruments/Machines and body muscles build training are explained descriptions. This is best app to help you for good health and make smart powerful body .This helpful app is totally free because the help of human beings is our basic purpose.
Followings topics are discussed with:

* Body Building Courses/Tips
* How to Become Fit.
* Make Your Body Strong.
* Foods Problem In Body Building.
* Full Food Chart For Body Builders.
* Uses and Exercises with Dumb Bells
* Exercise Without Equipment.
* Warm up Exercises
* Sports Exercises in GYM
* Exercises For Six Packs.
* Exercises For Chest.
* Exercise for Head.
* Exercises For Youngsters.
* Exercise At Your Home.
* Basic Weight Lifting.
* And many more amazing exercises and tips in this Urdu Book.

More Features:

Amazing Graphics.
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This Free Naat Application is great application for All Muslims Naat Lovers. Who love to listen Mp3 Naats Online. In this Free Naat App you can listen 300+ Urdu and English Naats in voice of top Naat Khawan’s.Now you don’t need to search or download naats. Save your time and listen to many famous naats at one place free of cost.
Beautiful User interface with Beautiful Graphics.

Naat Khawan Names:

Sami Yusuf
Awais Raza Qadri
Prof. Abdul Rauf Roofi
Junaid Jamshed
Farhan Ali Qadri
Amir Liaquat Hussain
Amjad Ghulam Fareed Sabri (Qawal)
Qari Waheed Zafar
Sahabhi Rahmani
Hafiz Margoob Ahmed Hamdani

Top Naat Names:

Karam Mangta Hoon”
Tajdar-e-haram Ho Nigaah-e-kar
Faslon Ko Takalluf Hai
Na Tera Khuda Koi Aur Hai
Na Kaleem Ka Tasawwer
Ya Nabi Salam-o-alaika
Mein Tou Panjatan Ka Ghulam Hoon
Hazoor Asa Koi Intazam Ho jay
Aanay Walo Ye To Batao
Dar E Nabi Per Para Rahoonga
Sohna Aya Te Saj Gay Nay
Mera dil badal da
Aj Sikh Mitran Di
Zahe Muqaddar Hazoor-e-Haq Se
Karam Mangta Hoon
“Patta Patta Boota Boota
Aamina ka laal aaya
Ya Rub Meri Soyi Hui Taqdeer
Alif Allah Chanbhe Di

Now You Can Listen to a great collection of Urdu & English Mp3 Naats Online..

Benefits of Allah’s Names

Benefits of Allah’s Names and 6 Kalmas. This application is completely free and for all the Muslim brothers and sister and anyone else who is interested in finding out the benefits of reciting Allah’s names. Allah has 99 names and each one of them is special and by reciting each one in a certain quantity bestows upon you a special gift from Allah. Download now to learn The Benefits of Allah’s Names. This application also has the 6 Kalmas. For those who would like to learn them this is a added feature.
1. Benefits of 99 Names of Allah
2. 6 Kalmas

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Weight Loss Tips:Wazan ghatain

In This Urdu Weight Loss Tips you will find the right way of loss fat. We will tell you how your body will loss extra weight in Days. You Can Find Islamic Point Of View about Weight. We will tell you the right life style, so you can follow this life style and stay young and healthy.
We read all the books and tips about weight loss then add most important & effective ways in this app.
You can also find which food is best for you and which food is not good for your health.
This app has many secrets to decrease your weight without any side effect. Weight Loss Tips will definitely decrease your weight without taking any medicine.
User Friendly Graphics.
Pinch To Zoom Option.
HD Text.
It’s Free.

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Daulat Aur Shuhrat Ka Raaz

Daulat Aur Shuhrat Ka Raaz is the translation of an original book written by Dale Carnegie. I have provided it for the benefit of all world. The language of this book in Urdu is very lucid and clear. Daulat Aur Shuhrat Ka Raaz is very easy to understand. Vocabulary used in this Urdu informative book is common and familiar to everyone. You will get involved in the messages delivered through Daulat Aur Shuhrat Ka Raaz. This book gives all the ways for finding suitable job and business for everyone. Download App Daulat Aur shuhrat ka Raaz for your reading pleasure. You get great knowledge and information through this great free App. You would love to read. Daulat Aur Shuhrat Ka Raaz will catch your heart and soul. You will not be able to put the Urdu translation of book aside before reading till the end. You can download it for offline reading.
HD Pages For Reading.
Pinch To Zoom Option.
Amazing Graphics And Easy User Interference.
Best Of All, It’s Free Of Cost.

Download Now And Enjoy.

Fitno Ka Dour Urdu

Fitno Ka Dour in Urdu language is an application made for users who can read Urdu. This application discusses in depth about controversies from an Islamic point of view. Very detailed and best of all it’s completely FREE.

1. Over 60 pages of in-depth info
2. Zoom in and out
3. Swipe to change pages

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Surah Maryam Sa Mushkilat Hal

In This Urdu Application You Can Read The Benefits Of Surah Maryam.
Surah Maryam Sa Apni Mushkilat Ko Hal Krain. Ab Kisi Donghi Peer Ya Fakeer Kay Haton Lutnay Sa Bathr Ha Khud Apni Tamam Mushkilat Ko Hal Krain Or Allah Sa Madad Mangain.
Surah Maryam Ki Asi Karamaat Kay Jo Har Musalman Ko Maloom Honi Chyia.
Mian Biwi Main Mohabbad Pada Krain, Bacho K Lia, Na Mardagi Ka Ilaj Or Bhot Kuch Is Application Main.
Abhi Muft Download Krain Or Allah Sa Apni Mushkilat Ki Dua Mangain.
Some Main Topics Of This App In Urdu:
Sakth Mohim Main Kamyabi.
Kisi Ka Dil Main Mohabbat Pada Krny K Lia.
Jinnat Ka Saya Door Krny Kay Lia.
Khail Main Kamyabi.
Qabar Ka Azab Sa Bachao.
Ranj O Gum Sa Nijat.
Sakth Tareen Mushkil Kay Lia.
Hajat Kay lia.
Imthan Main Kamyabi Kay Lia.
Bemari Kay Lia.
Nazar e Bad Ka Ilaj.
Allah Ki Hifazat Main.
Talab e Bakshis.
Pareshani Sa Nijat.
Ilam Main Izafa Kay Lia.
Namaz e Istakhara.
Jang Main Fatah.
Narazgi Door Krny K Lia.
Rishty Ka Lia.
Mian Biwi Main Mohabbat Kay Lia.
Banjh Pan K Lia.
Olad Ki Zindagi K lia.
Or Bhot Kuch Ap Kay Lia Is Ek Application Main.

Amazing Graphics.
Pinch To Zoom Option.
HD Pages.
Share Option.

Free Downlaod Now. You Can Also Use This Application Offline.

Khud Etmadi Or Guftagu Sekhain

Apny Andr Khud Etmadi Pada kejyia or dusro ko apni Guftagu sa mutasir kejyia.

Aj kal har insan Guftagu ka fun sekhna chahta ha ku k agar ap ki guftagu achi ha tou har koi ap sa mutasir nazar ata ha or ap ki Personality nikhar jati ha.

Is Application main ap Guftagu krny or Khud Etmadi apny andar pada krny kay asay raaz janayin gay jo ap ki zindagi hamaisha k lia badal dayin gy.

Kya ap ko apni zaat py bharosa nahi.
Kush bash or tanhai pasand log.
Kya ap sharmelay pan main mubtla hain.
Shaksyiat ki tamer.
Shakal o surat ki koi ahmeyat nahi.
Kamyab tareen log.
Sharmelay pan sa nejat.
Maknatesi kashis.
Jins-E-Mukhalif sa taluqat.
Nuswani aza ki mojudgi ka ehsas.
Dost Banany ka fun.
Baat cheet ka lia mufeed hedyat.
Or bhot kuch.

Hi-Resolution Pages.
Pinch To Zoom Option.
Sharing Option.
User Friendly and easy to use.

Jannat Ka Haseen Manazir

Jannat Ka Haseen Manazir:
Jannat Kasi Ho Gi Janiay or Jannat ky haseen manazir ky bary main janny k lia is application ko zaroor parhyia.

Har Muslman Ki khawaish hoti ha k wo jannat main jay or Allah na Insan k lia jannat mian kya kya namatain rakhi hain wo sab janny k lia is Application ko Free Download krain.

Quran Majeed ki Roshni Main
Darakth, Phal or Nehrain
Nahar E Kosar
Khana, Labas or Zawrat
Allah ka Deedar

Or Bhot Si Namatian janany k lia is application ko zaroor parhian.


Easy To Read.
User Friendly Interface.
Amazing Beautiful Graphics.
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Maloomat E Ambia

Maloomat E Ambia: This application is a urdu based application regarding The Ambia. This application is intended for Urdu readers.

Qissa Hazrat Yousuf (A.S) Urdu

In This Application Qissa Hazrat Yousuf (A.S) You Can Read The Whole Story Of Hazrat Yousuf (A.S)
In Quran Surah Yusuf (Story of prophet yusuf).
Firstly, it is the only place in the Qur’an where the story of the Prophet Yusuf (‘alayhi salaam) is mentioned. No other surah mentions the story of the Prophet Yusuf (‘alayhi salaam). If you compare this to, let’s say, the story of the Prophet Musa (‘alayhi salaam), the story of Prophet Musa is mentioned in over 25 different locations. The story of our father Adam (‘alayhi salaam) is mentioned in over half a dozen locations. The story of ‘Isa (‘alayhi salaam) is mentioned almost a dozen times. The story of the Prophet Yusuf (‘alayhi salaam) only exists in this surah. In fact, even the name of the Prophet Yusuf occurs only once or twice in passing in Surah Al-An‘ām and Surah Ghaafir, but there is no story at all. The stories about what happened with the Yusuf (‘alayhi salaam) only occur in this particular surah.
Secondly, it is the only surah in the Qur’an that has a unified story as its theme from the beginning to the end. The whole surah is nothing but a story. There is no other surah of length in the Qur’an – we are not talking about the small surahs at the end of Juz ‘Amma, but we are talking about any surah basically more than 10-15 ayahs – there is no surah in the whole Qur’an that is a unified story from the beginning to the end.
And there is no place in the whole Qur’an where an entire 15 pages is dedicated to one story. It is a chronological story from the beginning to the end. This is not just very rare but unique. There is no other place like it in the whole Qur’an.

Maloomat E Aulia

Amazing Application For Urdu Readers…
Beautiful Graphics and Easy to Use..
Very Interesting Information About Aulia Karam..
Waqiat Of Aulia Karam..
Advice’s Of Aulia Karam..
Experiences of Aulia Karam..
And Anything you Want To Know About Aulia..
Free Download and Don’t Forget to Rate This App…